Business Continuity Audit and Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis

A gap analysis is a vital part of evaluating an organisation's Business Continuity capabilities and preparedness, whether as an initial step or as a routine review. By identifying areas of vulnerability within the Business Continuity Management System (BCMS), improvements and recovery solutions can be implemented to ensure your arrangements keep pace with the ever-changing business environment.

Having helped hundreds of organisations over the last two decades, PlanB Consulting’s team have developed a Maturity Model that not only builds on theoretical best practice and requirements but professional best practice and thought leadership also. We know that compliance against the international standards does not suit the design and culture of some organisations, so we ensure that we only suggest practical and pragmatic solutions to your resilience problems. Our experienced team of expert consultants can also assess your organisation against the requirements of the Business Continuity Institute Good Practice Guidelines or ISO 22301 to ensure our offering is bespoke to your needs.


PlanB Consulting has considerable experience in assessing your organisations against professional or best practice standards. There could be a number of reasons why you might want an Audit, or a Gap Analyses conducted.

  1. We can conduct your standard internal audit as part of an internal audit programme
  2. You have no business continuity in place, and you would like a gap analysis to ascertain what needs to be put into place and also the time and workload to be able to implement business continuity. PlanB Consulting can audit your organisation to identify the gaps but unlike professional auditors, as we have the experience of implementing business continuity, we can also report on the time a workload to implement business continuity. This would allow your organisation to assess the workload and decided if you want to implement it in-house or employ external consultants to do this.
  3. Your organisation may have had business continuity implemented in the past and over the years it might be been neglected and gone out of date. PlanB Consulting can review your programme and identify areas of good practice and where the programme needs to be improved.
  4. Your business continuity programme may be functioning, but you would like new ideas ways of working and to reinvigorate your programme. PlanB Consulting’s consultants can conduct an audit and then give your organisation ideas on how to refresh your programme, ideas for carrying out tasks differently and updating your programme with the latest business continuity tools and techniques.


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