X-Factor and business continuity

Posted on 6 October

In trying to keep the bulletin topical I thought I should speak about the X-Factor as in the UK the
Judges houses part of the show was last week, and this Saturday is the start of the live shows. I have been thinking about the relevance to business continuity and have been struggling! The only reference to business continuity seemed to be one of the bands 'The Risk', as they have made it through to the live shows. Last week almost every contestant at the judges houses were in tears "it
was their last chance", or "they wanted it so much' while they waited to hear whether they were the chosen ones or not. After they had (or hadn't) been chosen there were further tears of joy or disappointment. One of the thoughts that occurred to me was that I am sure that they have a small army of counsellors to comfort those who didn't get through, to avoid the subsequent
suing of the programme for 'lack of care'. The relevance to business continuity was then immediate. Do we look after our staff during incidents? I think there is a tendency to see staff as objects during the development of plans. We have our strategy and we say these 10 staff will go to the recovery centre and these 30 staff will be sent home for 1 month until we have a recovery place for them.Have we put in place mechanisms to keep the staff members sent home, in touch
with what is going on in the company? Do we provide appropriate counselling if the event which caused the incident was traumatic and they were involved in it?If staff are used to working in a vibrant 'teamy' environment it is very difficult (for some staff) to sit at home with nothing to do, without the normal human contacted they are used to on a day to day basis at work. So the
thought for this week inspired by the X-Factor is: Do you have plans in place to look after your staff if they are sent home as part of a staged recovery plan?

If any reader is aware of any other links from X-Factor to business continuity please let us know.