Features Summary

Take a quick tour and see for yourself how the many software features, including on-screen guides, role-based security, and automated workflows make using Catalyst easy and effective.

From building a business continuity program to managing a live disruptive event, Catalyst has you covered. Even better, Catalyst automates and streamlines administrative tasks – making your life easier! Take a quick tour below, or start your free trial.

Free Data Once, And Done
Information gathered in one area of Catalyst is readily available for use throughout the tool. So, no more duplicate or contradictory data!

Customize the User Experience
Catalyst Pro enables you to customize the entire user experience, including customizing labels, modifying the text provided in the on-screen guides, and reordering and hiding fields.

Visually Map Dependencies
Dependency Diagramming enables visual mapping of all department and technology dependencies throughout your organization!

Ensure Information Is Entered Correctly
Catalyst utilizes on-screen guides to help move users through the planning process – defining terms and describing what type of information is being requested. Now that’s a great way to ensure everyone is on the same page!

Easily Edit Plans
Catalyst's Single View plan editor enables users to easily modify plans just like they would in a Word document, so you can stop wasting time jumping from screen to screen.

Request Updates Automatically
Approval Frequencies can be set for all policies, BIAs, and plans so owners are automatically notified when reviews and updates are needed. So, no need to waste time chasing people down anymore!

Manage an Incident In Real-Time
Catalyst's Live Incident Management functionality provides an online location for your team to collaborate and share information about a disruptive events in real-time, including announcements, situation reports, details regarding planned meetings, and more!

Connect When It Counts
Bullhorn allows you to send emergency notifications to contacts via email, text message, or voice phone call. Even better, Bullhorn is built-in to Catalyst, so no third-party contracts are required, and includes unlimited messages, making costs predictable.

Know Who Did What and When
Catalyst's History Log tracks all changes made within the tool (e.g., approvals, edits, additions, deletions) and who made them. So, no more guessing games! If you have a question about a change, simply check the History Log and go directly to the source!

Easily Assign Who Has Access to What
Role-based security enables Administrators to assign and update individual user permissions in a snap.


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