Emergency Notifications

Catalyst Bullhorn enables you to quickly and easily communicate with your business continuity team and employees when it matters most!

Connect when it Counts with Catalyst Bullhorn
Bullhorn emergency notification enables you to quickly and easily connect when it counts by sending emergency notifications and surveys to internal contacts via email, text message, or voice phone call – all from just one screen. Further, Bullhorn provides the option to record custom audio messages (instead of using text to speech).

Even better, Bullhorn is built-in to Catalyst, so no third-party contracts are required, and always includes unlimited messages and surveys during a declared incident, making costs predictable.

Integrates the internal customer list and enables authorized users to quickly and easily create and send a message – all from one page

Record custom audio messages for phone calls – rather than using text to speech

Document all of your recovery staffing and resource requirements

Distribute messages to individual contacts, groups of contacts, or your incident team from recovery plans

Track messages and their current status, and link the notifications to the related incident


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