Risk Assessment

Catalyst will help you categorize, measure, and prioritise your risks, and enable you to focus on your high-risk areas first.

Get a Clear Understanding of the Risks You Face
Catalyst enables your team to clearly identify key risks to your organisation’s most time critical activities and resources, allows management to quickly identify where risks exceed their appetite, and sets the stage for developing business continuity strategies and plans to reduce the likelihood of a disruption, shorten the period of the disruption, or limit the impact if a disruption were to occur.

Risks are automatically created when users complete a business impact analysis and identify dependencies for locations, suppliers, and applications, or Risks can be added independently.

Document and track key business continuity risks, enable the development of mitigation plans for the highest impact risks consistent with the organisation’s risk appetite

Create risks automatically when users complete a BIA and identify dependencies for facilities, equipment, people, applications, and suppliers

Add risks independently in the Risk dashboard


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