Charlie Maclean-Bristol

Director - UK

MA (Hons), PgD, FEPC, MBCI

Contact: 0790 844 8555

I have been in business continuity for approximately 18 years and you can extend that to 24 years if you count my army experience! My role in the company is to help plan work and make sure the solution offered to clients is appropriate, delivered on time and to their requirements. I love the challenge of learning about a new organisation and then adapting business continuity principles to fit the client’s needs.

Three things I strongly believe in when delivering business continuity; first of all you have to be up to date, I spend a lot of time reading articles, books and attending seminars to ensure that PlanB Consulting uses the latest business continuity tools and methodologies. Secondly, business continuity has to be accessible to those you are working with and so you have to ensure that whatever you are teaching or working through with clients is made understandable. Finally, you have to have a passion for your subject, believe in what you are doing and dare I say, make business continuity fun.

Qualifications and Certifications:
  • Presently studing for a PhD in crisis manegement at the University of Glasgow
  • CBCI with Merit
  • Taught the BCI Good Practice Guidelines Training Course 10+ times
  • PgD Disaster management and emergency planning Hertfordshire University
  • MA(Hons) History and International Relations
  • CIR Awards finalist  - Business Continuity Manager of the Year 2005
  • CIR Awards finalist - Business Continuity Consultant of the Year 2009
  • CIR Awards - Business Continuity Consultant of the Year 2011
  • BCI Global Awards finalist - Business Continuity Consultant of the Year 2011
  • BCI European Awards finalist - Business Continuty Consultant of the Year 2015
  • BCI European Awards Highly Commended  - Business Continuty Consultant of the Year 2016
Publications, media appearances and conferences
  • Business Continuity Institute Good Practice Guidelines 2010 and 2013 - Contributing Author.
  • The “Definitive Handbook of Business Continuity Management Edition 3” – Business Continuity and the Supply Chain Chapter.
  • Co-authored the "The BCI guide to… exercising your business continuity plan" 2015
  • Wrote the “Supply Chain Continuity Management” Course adopted by the BCI.
  • Appearances and interviews on Radio Scotland, BBC Scotland, Newsnight Scotland and LBC Radio.
  • Continuity Central essay competition 2013: “The Business Continuity Manager in 2017 – How You Can Avoid Obsolescence” was shortlisted among the top 3 in a competition.
  • Numerous other articles published in Continuity Central and trade magazines.
Further information

I enjoy boating, reading on current affairs, rugby and squash.