Crisis Management

PlanB Consulting has delivered a wide range of Crisis Management services to its clients from exercise to plan development and Incident Management training to the development of Crisis Communications Plans. PlanB Consulting prides itself with being up to date with the latest Crisis Management techniques reading books and research papers on the subject and being involved in the development of standards including ISO 22361 which is the replacement for BS 11200 Crisis Management – guidance and good practice. 

Crisis Management Planning

PlanB Consulting can help your organisation prepare for a crisis. This can range from the development of plans, conducting preparedness assessments and audits and preparing plans for specific scenarios.  


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Training and Exercising

PlanB Consulting can provide Crisis Management training for your teams to ensure that a ready to manage an incident. We can also help them practice their skills during an exercise.


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Crisis Communications

PlanB Consulting can help your organisation to develop Crisis Communications Plans.



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