Crisis Management Training and Exercises


PlanB Consulting can provide training for senior managers in responding to incidents where the reputation or even the long-term viability of the organisation could be threatened. PlanB Consulting has delivered training to a wide variety of public and private sector clients. PlanB Consulting has recently run a number of cyber exercise and incident management training sessions for senior managers which have concentrated on the senior management and non technical response to the incident,

Crisis Management Training

PlanB Consulting has delivered crisis managment training to a wide variety of clients. This has included a wide variety of senior managment teams including the crisis mangemen team of global betting company, a finanacial services payment processing organusation and a Chartered Instutite.  PlanB also has an ongoing relationship with DHL providing incident management training to their operational managers to providing advanced incident management training to the BBC's very experienced business continuity team.  

Further details of our incident management training can be found here.

Quote from on of our recent incident management training courses.

' The course was brilliant and have told my manager who will be attending with you when possible. I thought it was brilliant [and] have told upper management to make a whole day free, they are totally onboard after me returning with such enthusiasm from your of the better courses out there carry on the good work'. 

Terry Orpe, Compliance Manager, DHL

Crisis Management Training Courses

Create your crisis communications plan

Workshop aim

This full day course will give you the tools to create an effective Crisis Communications Plan for your organisation so that you are prepared to deal with a range of different eventualities that might arise.

Who should attend?

  1. ? Anyone who may be responsible for creating, contributing to, or signing off their organisation's crisis communications plan
  2. ? Anyone who wishes to know more about approaches to crisis communications planning

What to expect

  1. ? An interactive day long course, limited to 12 delegates
  2. ? A mix of taught theory, individual and group exercises and group discussion

Workshop objectives

  1. ? Recognise the different types of crisis your organisation could face
  2. ? Identify reputational risk for your organisation
  3. ? Suggest the key things required in any good crisis plan
  4. ? Understand the need to target different stakeholders and devise effective and appropriate key messages
  5. ? Plan resources and facilities you need for effective and timely response


Alison Arnot FCIPR, Director, Catalyst Communications

A practical guide to crisis communications

Workshop aim

This full day course will help you understand the reputational risks your organisations faces and equip you with the skills to communicate effectively with a range of stakeholders in difficult times

Who should attend?

  1. ? Anyone who may be responsible for crafting or delivering organsiational communicationduring times of crisis
  2. ? Anyone who wishes to know more about crisis communications

What to expect

  1. ? An interactive day long course, limited to 12 delegates
  2. ? A mix of taught theory, individual and group exercises and group discussion

Workshop objectives

  1. ? Understand different forms of crisis and the different kinds of issues you may face
  2. ? Effectively analyse risk and understand warning signs
  3. ? Ensure you are ready to communicate in difficult times
  4. ? Recognise the appropriate approach, messages and tones required in different difficult situations
  5. ? Use communication to meet a range of stakeholder needs


Alison Arnot FCIPR, Director, Catalyst Communications

Crisis Management - Case Study

PlanB Consulting was asked to carry out training for the Senior Management Team of ta government agency, who had had a number of near misses over the severe winter and wanted to be better prepared to take part in government exercises.

PlanB Consulting provided them with training, covering the following:

  1. An introduction to incident management
  2. Their role in an emergency
  3. The type of incident which would cause them to invoke the strategic plan
  4. Incident decision making
  5. Crisis communications

The training was a great success, and comments on the feedback forms varied from


to “the workshop was a useful mechanism to highlight key issues and simple tools to use on the day.”

PlanB Consulting has been asked to carry out similar training for members of tactical and operational teams.

Crisis Exercises

PlanB Consulting have delivered a large number of exercises to different sectors. To understand further details of the type and variety of exercise we can offer click here (takes us through to our exercise section)

Social Media Simulations

PlanB Consulting have the capability of carrying out social media simulations using their M.I.T.S platform. The simulation can be used in a number of ways. It can be used as a teaching tool to practice communication teams responding to a scenario and deciding on what to post on their social media channels in response to the scenario and stakeholder’s social media posts. It can also be used during an exercise to simulate media and social media and drive the exercise scenario.

PlanB Consulting can also train your crisis management or communications team in he use of social media during an incident and how to tie its use in with mainstream media.

Crisis Team Performance Assessment

Incident teams may want a formal assessment of their performance as a team and compare themselves with industry best practice. They also may want to conduct a series of exercise over time and have their performance assessed to demonstrate continuous improvement.

PlanB Consulting have developed an incident team assessment methodology developed from best practice across a number of different industries, including the military and emergency services, as well research papers on crisis management.

Further details of the assessment is available here