Cyber-Attacks - do you have a response plan?

Posted on 11 October

Equifax recently fell vicitm to a 'Cyber-Attack' where client records were comprimised. Overall 145.5 million people, mostly United States customers had their personal information breached including Social Security numbers and addresses.

Today it was revealed that the Equifax 'data hack' did infact affect 694, 000 UK customers.

The credit refernce agency admitted that their UK customers data was stolen between May and July of this year. Read more.

A recent UK Government study shows that the top UK's firms do not protect themselves against a 'Cyber-Attack'!
This survey found that 68% of boards have had no training to deal with a cyber incident, although 54% did admit that a 'cyber threat' was a top risk to their business.
Worryingly only 31% (of the FTSE 350 companies) receive comprehensive cyber risk information and 10% operate their business with no response plan to a cyber incident.

It is an extremely scary prospect that 'hackers' are thriving in obtaining company and client data and there are no 'Cyber response plans' in place.

PlanB offer Cyber Management Training for top management which can help your organisation respond to cyber attacks and minimise the reputation impact on your organisation. 
This training can help your organisation understand your vulnerabilities, assess your level of preparation and identify the key issues in responding to and managing communications to protect your reputation.