Defensible Decision Making - new in-house course launched

Posted on 25 April
New business continuity training course launched: Defensible Decision Making

PlanB Consulting has launched a new course on ‘Defensible Decision Making’.  The course is aimed at those who have to take decisions during incidents, which could have major consequences or impact on members of the public, the environment or on their organisation.

It is also aimed at those who provide expert advice including:

  • Those who may be asked to form part of a Science and Technical Advice Cell (STAC) as part of a multi-agency response;

  • Members of public agencies who provide expert scientific and technical advice to the public and businesses;

  • Those who provide advice on their products during an incident especially those which could affect public health or the environment;

  • Members of staff who provide advice internally within their organisation.

Those called on to provide advice or make decisions need to make sure they make the best decision possible, with the information they have been given. This may be in a complex situation where there is limited information available.  As all decisions are always open to challenge, they have to be able to justify the decision made or advice given after the event.

At the heart of the course is the decision making model. This is based upon the UK Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) recently published ‘National Decision Model’ and has been adopted for non-police use. The decision making model can be used by individuals making spontaneous decisions during the heat of the incident to teams responding to major incidents or managing planned operations. A key part of the course will show how to record the decision made, so that if the decision is later challenged, the rational, process and consideration can be recalled and used to justify the decision made.

The course mixes theory with real life examples. All those attending will get lots of ‘hands on’ experience at using the tool to take decisions and then using the supplied documentation to record the decision made.

The course was developed by Paul Macfarlane a former member of Strathclyde Police. His police experience involved working with partners in establishing Integrated Emergency Management arrangements and co-ordination of the emergency response. He was a regular lecturer on Major Incident response at the Scottish Police College and a guest speaker at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Shrivenham.

The course is run over three hours and  will be delivered by Paul or a PlanB Consulting director. Up to 12 students can attend each course. The course is only available as an in-house course and PlanB Consulting are able to deliver it worldwide.

The course compliments PlanB Consulting's existing 'in-house' courses, which include:

  • Loggist Training

  • Incident Management Training for Teams

  • Planning and Running Business Continuity Exercises

  • Incident Management Support Training (Administration person training).