Feedback from the CBCI Course Taught October 2020 online

Posted on 27 October

Just got some great feedback from Charlie Maclean-Bristols CBCI course which he tutored last week.

"The training helped me to better understand the interaction of the individual steps of the BCM lifecycle. Thanks a lot for this."


'In fact, I really enjoyed the training last week. It helped me to understand our processes much better. Praise to you (Becca of BCT) and Charlie for your great organization and implementation. What was missing, of course, is the personal interaction to get to know the other candidates a little better, but hopefully next year it will be possible again.
However, I am looking forward to getting in touch with you again next year.'
Charlie is a Business Continuity Institutes's (BCI) Accredited Tutor and has been teaching the course for over ten years. The training was delivered for Business Continuity Training who are a licenced to deliver BCI Training. Their website and details of the course can be found at