Kim and Sadia work on ISO 27001 and 22301 in Dubai!

Posted on 6 February

Kim & Sadia were in Dubai visiting a client in preparation for Part 2: ISO 27001 and 22301 audits, a little different to the ‘normal’ working practice as it is a combined standard. But PlanB Consulting love a challenge and we are very optimistic they will pass stage 2 with flying colours!

Whilst Kim & Sadia were in Dubai they also delivered some Catalyst Business Continuity Software training which was very well received!

What work was involved in Part1?

Creating all the documentation required for both ISO standards and making sure they were aligned.

Lessons learned from part 1?

Auditors had pre-conceptions with what the BCMS would look like and cultural differences play a vital role, usually auditors are consumed with dealing lots of paperwork but we use Catalyst so the paperwork is minimal.  

It was also the first time the Auditors used software during an audit.

Interestingly, although the same ISO standards are used worldwide, while in Dubai we realised that all auditors approach things differently and their approach varies although the standards are the same.

The journey with the client so far…

The journey with our client started off with a Gap Analysis 14 months ago and to-date we have been through the business continuity life-cycle with them.

We passed Stage 1 ISO 22301 and ISO 27001 Audit and Stage 2 is scheduled in mid February.

It has been an adventurous journey so far, PlanB visit the client in Dubai every few months. We have built a strong relationship with our client and look forward to helping them in the coming years.

Catalyst Business Continuity Software

Our auditors had never actually seen the software before, the auditor was very impressed with Catalyst as previously they were accustomed to seeing lots of paperwork but the software is much more intuitive.

Catalyst is a very effective tool to collate and store all your BC documentation, which is why it is very praised by all our clients who use it.