Managing and Preparing for Cyber Incidents Course!

Posted on 6 February

Charlie will be taking the 'Managing and Preparing for Cyber Incidents' course from 5th March - 6th March 2018. There is still availability on this course, click here for further details and to book your place.

Course Overview

Over the last few years the number of cyber incidents has grown, affecting organisations large and small. High profile incidents such as Sony, Talk Talk, and the Petya and NHS ransomware attacks, have had a major impact on the operations and reputation of the organisations.

Course Details

This training course is not a technical response, but looks at the actions organisations can take to prepare themselves, and how they should manage a cyber incident, including very importantly, how to manage communications associated with the incident. It will also look at the types of cyber attacks, the cyber landscape and how to exercise your cyber response plan. 

Delegates will learn how to prepare their organisation, how to develop an effective response and how to manage an incident should it occur.

This course was initially delivered over one day, however due to overwhelming student feedback, it has been expanded to a two day course. The course is based on good practice from a variety of government and private organisations.