PlanB Consulting embraces online training

Posted on 12 October

PlanB Consulting has been very much embracing the 'new normal' by delivering all elements of business continuity online.

On Friday the 9th October 2020 we delivered our largest exercise to date, for a University with 60 participants taking part from a number of different organisations. The scenario looked at a number of issues associated with students returning to University.

On Monday the 9th November 2020 we ran an exercise for 18 members of a financial institution's C-suite and members of their Board. The exercise consisted of a briefing on the cyber incident landscape followed by an exercise exploring a number of elements of their response including communications and reporting to their regulators. the exercise was conducted entirely online.

Full lifecycle development

PlanB Consulting has in October started two full business continuity lifecycle rollouts. These both will be carried out entirely online. A number of our existing rollouts continue to be developed online.
Training Feedback

One of our Senior Consultants, Gill has been delivering the Business Continuity Institutes Course's online and got some great feedback.

From the BIA Course
"Gillian delivered an online course with ease. Her manner and delivery style was fantastic and her knowledge of the subject too, thank you".

From the Plan Development Course
"I imagine online training delivery to be very difficult in respect of getting students to engage and participate. Gillian has a fantastic manner and approach and her delivery skills are second to none, as is her knowledge. BCI have certainly cracked On Line training !!"

Gillian is a Business Continuity Institutes's (BCI) Accredited Tutor and has been teaching their courses for over three years. The training was delivered for Business Continuity Training who are a licenced to deliver BCI Training. Their website and details of the course can be found at