Water Direct's rapid response to thousands of UK customers!

Posted on 14 March

Water Direct based in Essex, England have been praised for their rapid response to thousands of UK customers during big thaw after Beast from the East!

It was reported that this was the most significant week in its history of 22 years.

In the aftermath of the ‘Beast from the East’ and Storm Emma, the snow and ice thawed at a much faster rate than expected, causing a significant number of mains water pipes to burst due to expansion and contraction. 

During the week spanning 3rd to 9th March, Water Direct provided 24-hour critical support to national water retailers and regional water utility wholesalers across eight counties.

The company managed this crisis by mobilising over 200 truckloads of drinking water; pumping more than 7 million litres of water and delivering an additional four million litres of bottled water - enough to provide 10 litres of water to 66,000 people every day.

Water Direct was one of the early adopters of the ISO 22301:2012 standard and continues to promote water supply contingency planning as a critical business continuity practice. 

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