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BCI Licenced Training

Our directors are approved BCI instructors and regularly work with our partners Business Continuity Training (BCT) to provide the Business Continuity Institutes (BCI) approved training.

BCI Licenced Training & Business Continuity Training

Business Continuity Training can range from courses on basic awareness to training on the methods and techniques required to develop, implement and maintain an effective Business Continuity Management (BCM) programme.

BCT offers BCI Licensed training courses including The BCI Good Practice Guidelines Training Course leading to the CBCI exam. They also offer a number of other entry level and advanced BCI-developed training courses. Our Directors are regular instructors for all BCT courses, More information on BCI Licenced Training courses can be found here

Exercise Types

Webex and webinars

At PlanB Consulting we pride ourselves on giving back to the industry that we work in. Our directors, Charlie and Kim, have been the BCI’s preferred provider of ‘Live on Line’ training for over three years and often provide webinars on the latest news from the world of Business Continuity. PlanB Consulting has considerable experience at preparing and delivering webinars and we often provide these on behalf of the BCI.  We can provide a webinar for your organisation, if you would like more information please contact us by clicking here. 

Chairing conferences

Do you need a Business Continuity expert to chair your conference or to give a presentation? As Charlie sits on the BCI Speakers Bureau, all of the PlanB Consulting Directors are experienced Keynote speakers and will be pleased to help.

In-house training

PlanB Consulting can provide in-house training for your organisation on any of the subjects in which we consult. This includes everything from developing a Business Continuity Plan to travel security presentations for staff who travel overseas. We can also provide training on your methodologies to your staff if you don’t have the time to do it yourself.

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