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Cyber Briefings for Senior Managers

PlanB Consulting is here to help your organisation be prepared to respond to cyber incidents and manage your cyber risk

Our Service: Cyber Briefings for Senior Managers / C Suite

PlanB Consulting has carried out cyber briefings for a number of different organisations ensuring that their senior management understands the threat, their existing level of resilience and some of the issues they will face during a cyber incident.
These have varied from one hour to a half-day training session(s).

All sessions are tailored to the needs of the organisation and the particular topics they want to cover.  A typical agenda could include:

  1. The cyber incident landscape and review of recent incidents.
  2. Understanding the different types of cyber threats.
  3. Understanding your risk profile  – what do you have to lose?
  4. The role of the crisis management team / gold team / strategic team in managing an incident.
  5. Crisis communications during a cyber incident.
  6. Reporting the incident and GDPR requirements for data breach reporting.
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