Training Courses

PlanB Consulting have developed a number of short in-house courses which can be run within your premises and at your convenience developing new skillsets for your staff. They are of high quality, are cost effective and deliver value for money.


Defensible Decision Making

This half day course is aimed at those who have to make key decisions or provide specialist advice during incidents. It will deliver to the attendees the tools and the confidence to enable them to defend a decision if called upon following an incident.

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Loggist Training

This half day course will teach participants how to log information correctly during an incident and give them extensive and relevant experience in the execution of it.

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Incident Management Support Training

Also known as administration training, this full or half day course is aimed at teaching and then enabling staff within the adminstrative function the opportunity to use these newly acquired skills; skills they will need in supporting a team managing an incident.

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Incident Management Training for Teams

This course provides individual team members or the whole team the skills required to manage an incident.  It can be tailored to the requirements of operational, tactical or strategic teams and can be a full or a half day course.

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Planning and Running Business Continuity Exercises

This full day course is aimed at teaching those involved in business continuity how to plan and then run exercises for their team or teams.

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Supply Chain Continuity Training

This course which has been adopted by the BCI gives an overview of supply chain issues and how to identify and mitigate supply chain risks and how the supply chain fits within your existing business continuity provision.

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