PlanB Consulting is an award-winning consultancy specialising in providing Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Cyber Incident Management and ISO 22301 certification to clients in the UK, UAE and beyond

Faced with an incident, the world expects action, answers and transparency from businesses in the spotlight. In a crisis situation, your organisation's reputation, day-to-day operations and survival depend on timely, decisive decision making. You can't plan for everything - but you can plan for the right people to receive the right information and empower them to make the right decisions. 

That's where we come in. Our consultants are at the forefront of crisis management and business continuity, with decades of experience helping organisations like yours prepare for, respond to and recover from what the world throws at them. We consult, we train and we advise on how to keep your business up and running in the wake of a disruptive event. We're your PlanB.

Your resilience is our passion

Our team believes passionately in helping our clients to help themselves, empowering them to use methodologies which embed knowledge and expertise in their organisations. We provide you with the confidence and tools to manage every element of the business continuity lifecycle - from planning through to exercising. 

We don't just deliver best practice - we define it

Our peers work to the international business continuity requirements of ISO 22301 and the professional best practise outlined in the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) Good Practice Guidelines (GPG); where we set ourselves apart from them is our involvement in the ongoing development of these standards.

  • We have been involved in the writing of the BCI GPG 2010, 2013 and 2018 versions.
  • We have two members of staff who are members of CAR/1 Committee of the BSI and considered "Global Experts" in business continuity and crisis management. They have contributed to the development of the new ISO 22301:2019, ISO 22313, and ISO 22317, the technical specification for Business Impact Analysis. They are also presently working on updates to ISO 27001, ASIS 'Business Continuity Guideline - A Practical Approach for Emergency Preparedness, Crisis Management, and Disaster Recovery' and ISO 22361 the new Crisis Management Standard and a replacement for ISO TC 292/WG9 "Crisis management – Guidance for developing a strategic capability"
  • We have written the BCI's Validation and Supply Chain Continuity Management courses, which are delivered worldwide and the course "Managing and Preparing for Cyber Incidents" which has been certified by GCHQ and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)
  • We have provided regularly updated information, advice and videos on business continuity planning on Coronavirus / Covid-19 on our website

Business Continuity

PlanB Consulting provide a wide range of business continuity services from full business continuity life cycle development to business continuity as a service, as well as plan development.

Business Continuity Services

Crisis Management

We provide crisis management training, exercises and plan development to our clients. We also offer crisis communication, reputation management and crisis strategy development.

Crisis Management Training

ISO 22301

PlanB was certified to ISO22301 in 2013 and have taken a number of clients through to certification. We can help your organisation align with or be certified to the ISO22301 standard.

ISO 22301 Certification

Pandemic Response

PlanB Consulting can provide your organisation with business continuity pandemic advice, help and information on how to prepare, communicate and respond to Coronavirus / COVID-19

Pandemic Planning

Cyber Incident Management

We provide cyber incident management training, exercises and plan development to our clients. We also offer incident communication, reputation management and strategy development.

Incident Management Services

Business Continuity Software

PlanB Consulting has partnered with Avalution to be a reseller of their Catalyst software which we believe is the best on the busines continuty software product on the market at the moment.

Business Continuity Software